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Inspection: At Spark Technologies, Inc. all manufactured parts go through a complete inspection utilizing a wide range of inspection equipment.  All measurement and test equipment used for final inspection is calibrated and traceable to the NIST standard.  Spark's Inspection Department as well as the manufacturing areas are temperature controlled to limit factors that could affect the results of any measurements. Our Inspection Department includes the following in addition to other tools used for in-process inspections at various stages in the manufacturing process: ROI OMIS II Video Measurement System Fowler Sylvac Z_Cal 300 Height Gage Fowler Sylvac Trimos V600 Height Gage Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester 14” Comparator Various Micrometers 0” - 12” Various Calipers 0” 18” Gage Blocks, Pins, and Balls Grade A Surface Plates Engineering and CAD/CAM Services: Spark Technologies, Inc. utilizes the latest software including AutoCAD, Mastercam, and Esprit to provide an array of CAD/CAM and Engineering services to its customers.  Spark's capabilities range from detailing dies/components for manufacturing to utilizing customer supplied geometry to generate CNC toolpaths for Spark's machining centers.  The ability to transmit files electronically has enhanced Spark's customer communication link allowing for the manufacture of parts for customers all across the United States. Some of the translators available: .DWG/.DXF .IGES .CADL .ESP .GEO .SLDPRT
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