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Precision Machining: Spark Technologies, Inc. combines the expertise of highly skilled and experienced machinists with both manual and CNC machining equipment to achieve required tolerances in a diverse range of materials.  Advanced computer programming capabilities and CNC equipment gives Spark the ability to meet exact customer specifications. The addition of In-house Heat Treating capabilities allow Spark to provide quicker response to expedited orders as well as normal deliveries. Precision Grinding: Spark Technologies, Inc. utilizes Parker Majestic Surface Grinders equipped with digital readouts and skilled personnel to achieve tight tolerances and finish requirements while maintaining component integrity with carbide, tool steels, and specialty materials.  A versatile range of precision grinding capabilities in addition to secondary polishing operations allow Spark to provide its customers with the highest quality of services available. Capabilities for both machining and high precision grinding enables Spark Technologies, Inc. to provide increased control and accountability for the highest quality product.  By combining both processes under one roof provides for optimum efficiency that results in reduced manufacturing costs.
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