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Complex EDM is our forte! EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) technology has revolutionized the tooling industry through its ease in accepting complex and detailed part manufacturing. Wire EDM: Spark Technologies, Inc. utilizes its extensive knowledge of Wire EDM along with the most accurate and productive machines to make Spark's work stand out from the rest.  High speed automated Wire EDM machines with submersed cutting for thermal stability allows Spark to achieve tight tolerances and fine finishes to meet the customer's needs.  A blend of machine manufacturers and models provide the flexibility to match the application to the appropriate equipment. Conventional EDM: Spark Technologies, Inc. has the ability provide accuracies to 0.0002” and superior finishes through its Conventional EDM process.  Electrodes typically made of graphite, copper, or copper tungsten are used to melt or vaporize the material leaving little debris and ensuring an accurate finished feature.  Conventional or Sinker EDM is critical for tight tolerance forms and complex tooling with ultra fine finishes. EDM Drill: Spark Technologies, Inc. utilizes both manual and CNC controlled EDM Drills with the ability to use a variety of different sized electrodes ranging from  0.004”Ø to 0.059”Ø. The EDM process will work with any material that is conductive including: Aluminum Cobalt Tantalum Titanium Vanadium Inconel Hastelloy Waspalloy Carbide PCD/CBN Graphite Electrodes Copper/Metallic Electrodes All Grades of Stainless Steel Our customer's rely on us to quickly, accurately, and economically produce EDM parts and components that defy traditional manufacturing practices.  We at Spark Technologies, Inc. are ready to meet your demanding schedules with precise EDM parts in both prototype and production quantities.
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